AuroraWatch UK

Free Aurora Borealis Alerts


AuroraWatch UK is a free service offering alerts when the aurora might be visible from the UK.

AuroraWatch UK

Aurora Alerts for iPhone & iPad

The aurora borealis (or northern lights) is a spectacular natural phenomenon which can occasionally be seen in the night sky over Britain. Once seen, it is never forgotten.

Free Realtime Data

Alerts on your iPhone & iPad

Realtime alerts direct to your iPhone or iPad when sighting is likely.

Realtime monitoring

Monitor the UK’s geomagnetic activity in real-time.

Clear Information

Ovation map

See how likely it is that you may see the Aurora.

Cloud map

Check current cloud cover.

Apple Watch App

Clear Data

View current alert data.


View AuroraWatch status on your watch face.

Hey Siri

“AuroraWatch Status”

Siri can get the latest AuroraWatch status.

HomePod Support

Have Siri read the latest status.

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Apple Watch App

Shetland Alerts

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Shetland Alerts

AuroraWatch UK

Aurora Alerts for iPhone & iPad

Designed for iPhone 5s and newer.
Requires iOS 10.0+

The AuroraWatch UK iOS App is written and maintained by Neil Morton
at Progress Concepts Ltd and uses the official AuroraWatch UK API to provide you with instant aurora alerts.

AuroraWatch UK is a service run by scientists in the Space and Planetary Physics group at Lancaster University’s Department of Physics.


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An Android version of AuroraWatch UK written by John Paul Jones is available.